Contoh Surat Motivasi

Contoh Surat Motivasi

Contoh Surat Motivasi Beasiswa

Pada umumnya program beasiswa mensyaratkan pelamar untuk menulis sebuah esai (kurang lebih satu halaman A4) yang berisi pernyataan motivasi (motivation statement) Tulisan yang diminta pada dasarnya berisi penjelasan dari pelamar beasiswa tentang latar belakang, alasan atau motivasi untuk mengikuti program beasiswa tersebut.

Ada pula program beasiswa yang sudah memiliki format baku pengisian motivation statement. Hal ini tidak saja mempermudah si pelamar untuk menyusunnya, tetapi juga membantu tim seleksi menggali aplikasi secara lebih terarah dan terstruktur. Berikut ini contoh surat motivasi (motivation statement) tersebut.

Motivation Statement

(Judul program studi yang diambil)

Master of Science in Public Health

Bagian 1

Pembukaan, isu umum (regional, nasional atau lokal) yang menyangkut bidang studi yang dimaksud.


Let me first introduce myself: my name is (nama lengkap) and recently I am working as a junior fellow associate of the X-Center. The center is an independent, non governmental and non profit organisation. The vision is to promote development, human right, and democratization of Indonesian society based on value and culture.

Understanding about the future challenges and acknowledging about the importance of further study, I consider that the knowledge that I have accumulated would still need to be expanded. Therefore I decided to acquire higher education. I will take international law and the law of international organizations as my next major of study considering it as important.

Bagian 2

Penjelasan tentang latar belakang akademis dan pekerjaan si pelamar yang berkaitan dengan bidang studi yang dituju.


As a physician, I put a lot of attention on health issues, especially in my country. My interest in tuberculosis syndrome has been putting me on the the job in a tuberculosis center for the past three years. In my workplace, we have been dedicating ourselves on tuberculosos researches, and its correspondence with the public health. We understand that this ilness will not disappear unless the health condition is improved, while the improvement requires more study on public health matters.

Bagian 3

Pernyataan motivasi pemilihan bidang studi yang dituju.


I do realize that in order to mitigate the disease, a lot of works still have to be done in the future. This motivates me to increase my knowledge so my job can be more useful. Therefore I intend to continue my study in tuberculosis and its public health issue as well.

After an intensive searching, I discover suitable school that might fulfill my determination. I plan to pursue a master degree in public health in (lokasi, kota dan negara).